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Rawdah Kanaaneh

Sector : Science, Scientists

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  • Country of residence: United States
  • Gender: Female
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Rawdah Kanaaneh is a Palestinian doctor born in Araba in the Upper Galilee, specializing in anthropology, sociology and gender studies. She is the author of three books and works as a lecturer at American and European universities such as New York and Harvard. Daughter of Hatem Kanaana.


Her scientific career

She received her Ph.D. from Columbia University in 1998, majoring in anthropology, social and cultural affairs, with a focus on military and globalization in the Middle East. In 2003, she worked as an assistant professor at the American University in Washington, DC. In 2008, she was a visiting professor in the Department of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies at New York University, and worked as a lecturer in anthropology and gender studies at New York University and Washington University. She holds fellowships from Harvard University, the European University Institute, and Columbia.


scientific publications

Her first book bore the title, The Birth of the Nation: Strategies of Palestinian Women in Israel, issued by the University of California in 2002.


The second book in the name of Insecurity: Arab Soldiers in the Israeli Army, published in 2009.


Her third book, The Homeless: Ethnic Affiliations and Gender in Palestinian Society in Israel, published by Sunny Press in 2010. Edited jointly with Isis Nasir.




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