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Ahmed Tafesh

Ahmed Tafesh

Sector : Science, Scientists

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Male
  • Born in: 1957
  • Age: 65
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Ahmed Tafesh, is a Palestinian chemist of Arab citizens of Israel, born in the city of Acre in 1957, a researcher specializing in biochemistry and green technology, a researcher and innovator who holds a doctorate from the University of Utah, America, and is considered the most Palestinian holder of patents as The number of his patents has reached 41.


His upbringing and study

He was born and raised in the old city of Acre. He is the eldest brother among his four brothers. He received his primary education at Tirsanta School, then moved to secondary education at the “Reale” School in Haifa, but he did not succeed in graduating, so he decided to go to continue his studies again in the United States American.


In the year 1977, he began studying at the University of Mersed in California, at this point he resorted to working as a fossil worker to cover his expenses, until he was appointed as an assistant in the chemical laboratories at the college, and after obtaining an Associated degree, he joined Portland State University, with a scholarship and continued to work in one of the In its chemical laboratories, he finished his first (BSc.) with distinction, and then earned his second (MS.) in chemistry, at Oregon State University, and in 1989 he finished his third (Ph.D.) with distinction from the University of Utah in Utah. American.

His career

He joined the research center at the German branch of Hochst Company, in Texas, after his doctoral thesis, where he specialized in the field of chemical formulations and preparing the production of complex stages. During 4 years, he accomplished 9 innovations and registered 12 patents.


After he moved to Texas in Corpus Christi, he worked to establish an institution that looked after Muslim affairs, and at a later stage was appointed as the head of the community to look after Muslim affairs in Corpus Christi.


In 1994, he moved to the center of the mother company Hochst in Germany, and joined the research center, where his scientific research shifted from the field of synthase (the manufacturing process of a chemical substance, or chemical synthesis), to the field of catalysts that reduce the production of by-products, and transform technology to be more environmentally friendly, Within two years, he managed to register 8 patents for the Hochst Company in Germany in his new field of specialization.


Between 1997 and 2000 he worked for an Israeli chemical company, then moved to manage the innovation and development department in the field of anti-microbacterial at the Swiss company Lonza, at its research center in the state of New Jersey, in the United States. During his work at Lonza, he registered 7 patents in three years.


From 2000 to 2010 he worked in several technology and biochemical companies, in Israel and the United States, and registered a number of patents. Since 2010, he has held the position of technology director and commercial development director at Trans Biodiesel, which was founded by the scientist Sobhi Bashir and is headquartered in Israel, which works on the production of green energy alternatives.


Scientific articles in English

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Achievements and Awards


Nemet, y and Tafesh, A. US Patent 9,626,610 issued April 18th, 2017 assigned to Varcode/Israel. "System method for quality management utilizing Barcode Indicators"

Nemet, y and Tafesh, A. US Patent 9,396,423 issued on Jul 19th 2016, assigned to Varcode/Israel. "System method for quality management utilizing Barcode Indicators"

Williams, J., Xiang, J., Tafesh A.M., US 8,013, 040 2011, assigned to Lonza Inc. USA. "Cellulose fiber-plastic composition containing a lubricant"

Xiang, J., Tafesh A.M., Williams US 7,582, 694 2009, assigned to Lonza Inc. USA "Antimicrobial lubricant for wood fiber-plastic composites"

Nemet, y and Tafesh, A. 2009 world patent WO/2009 150641 submitted on behalf of Varcode company to the US patent office "Using TTI Barcode technology to monitor fresh food in the cold chain supply."

Williams, J. Tafesh, A., Xiang, J,; 2006. US Patent 7,151,125. Assigned to Lonza group/ New Jersey, USA " Non Wood Plastic Composite"

Tafesh, A., Debolt, M., Application published 2006 patent app # 20060029649. "Thermally Stable Antimicrobial Agent"

Lutz, P., Tafesh, A., assigned to Lonza Inc. 2004017736/WO-A1 2004. “Stable, low free formaldehyde synergistic antimicrobial composition of aldehyde donors and dehydroacetic acid.”

Tafesh, A. M., Beller, M., Krause, T. US 06150298, 2000, assigned to Celanese GMBH ( Hoechst AG) in Frankfurt Germany. "Process for telomerizing dienes."

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Beller, M., Tafesh, A. M., Scharbert, B., Fischer, R., US 5,756,727, 1998, assigned to Hoechst AG in Frankfurt, Germany. "Preparation of chiral manganese triazacycononane complexes."




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