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Mohammad Sado Alfaqih

Sector : Science, Scientists

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Austria
  • Gender: Male
  • Born in: 1936
  • Age: 85
  • Curriculum vitae :



Born in Nablus on 14 June 1936; went to school in Nablus, then attended Cairo University to study Medicine; was deported in 1958 for his political activity and membership in the Communist Party; moved to Beirut and Baghdad, then to the Soviet Union, where he resumed his studies in Medicine at Moscow University; was unable to return to Palestine following his graduation since the Jordanian government refused to renew his passport; lived and worked in Moscow until his Jordanian passport was renewed in Spring 1964; returned to Palestine through Damascus in April 1964 but was arrested by the Jordanian authorities upon his arrival and detained for 100 days; after his release, worked as physician and deputy director of Jenin Public Hospital; also opened a private clinic in Nablus; following the 1967 War, closed his clinic and moved to Jerusalem to volunteer as a doctor at Maqassed Hospital (still under construction at the time), which the Israeli authorities threatened to confiscate; joined the National Guidance Committee in Dec. 1967; was appointed as head doctor of the UNRWA Medical Center in Al-Am’ari Refugee Camp near Ramallah; established a private clinic in Ramallah in 1971; was elected Chairman of the UNRWA Staff Society in the West Bank  in 1975; served as Chairman of the Birzeit Charitable Society (until 1978); was awarded a scholarship by the World Health Organization to do his graduate studies in Public Health at Liverpool University, graduating in 1980; Board member of the Arab Thought Forum (1977) and the Arab Studies Society (1980) in Jerusalem; became deputy health officer at UNRWA in 1985; lectured in Public Health at Bethlehem University; member of the Birzeit University Advisory Council and Chairman of its Board of Trustees until he passed away on 26 Jan. 1988.

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