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Amer Darwish

Sector : Science, Innovators

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  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Male
  • Born in: 1988
  • Age: 36
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Amer Darwish, 36 years old, from the Beddawi Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon, announced on his Facebook page his sixth invention, “Treecity 48. ”
It is an electronic mechanical device that generates electrical energy from the movement of trees due to the wind, to provide a scientific contribution to solving the problem of energy shortages to meet human needs, especially in the seasons when solar energy is limited. The device is also supposed to contribute to efforts to address environmental problems, such as the problem of “greenhouse warming.” Thermal”, by generating clean, environmentally friendly energy, and the problem of “desertification” by encouraging users to plant trees to invest in energy generation in the future.

Device mission:
The Treecity 48 device generates free, clean energy from renewable, environmentally friendly natural sources, the most important of which is investing in the movement of tree trunks driven by the wind. This device can also exploit the energy of wave frequencies and river flows by adding sub-technical parts that complement the work of this main device. They are still in the form of designs that will be completed, God willing, as soon as the technical requirements necessary to manufacture them are available.

How to use the device:
The device is installed on a fixed object opposite the tree moving by the wind. Then the device’s rope is knotted on the tree trunk at a suitable point for the reciprocating tension due to the movement of the air. In the event that there is no tree nearby, the device is transportable and can be easily dragged on wheels in the form of a travel bag. It can be installed anywhere. A nearby public place with trees of the appropriate type swaying in the wind, then restored after a certain time, becoming charged and ready to operate as an easy-to-transport home power bank, in order to meet human needs.

Device production capacity:
Regarding the effectiveness of the device and its production capacity of electrical current, the matter is relatively related to the activity of the wind - there are geographical areas with permanent winds - and its speed, the size of the tree used to generate energy, the density of its leaves and the softness of its trunk. It is also related to the components of the device, such as the dynamo charging capacity, the size of the regulator, and the capacity and type of the batteries used. Based on the nature of these elements combined, the device can be provided in different sizes and prices that suit the need and purchasing power of most users. For your information, some of the initial experiments in this video were carried out with a manual tugging motion because the natural wind was not strong enough to measure productivity, and to approximate the device’s ability during the filming period to withstand winds at high speeds.

The role of innovation in preserving the environment:
If this device is developed and reaches the stage of the final model available in the markets, it is supposed to contribute practically to the efforts made to confront “global warming” by producing clean energy without any emissions of greenhouse gases. It can also contribute to combating the phenomenon of "desertification" by encouraging residents to plant trees, especially in major cities, in order to invest them in generating environmentally friendly energy in the future. This innovation could also constitute a scientific contribution to finding alternative energy for European homes, especially in light of the emerging “energy crisis” due to the escalation of the Russian-Ukrainian war. European countries in general are densely populated with huge trees, and a large percentage of them are of the type suitable in form to generate electricity using a mechanism. This device worked.

Is this model suitable for commercial sale?
This prototype was painstakingly designed, manufactured and hand-assembled at home with modest local tools, and in fact still needs development in many of its parts. For example, in this prototype, out of necessity, I used rubber intended for a fishing arrow, as a substitute for a coiled circular spring of a specific type that I could not find locally, so I had to invent this alternative method with double effort, to suit the prototype’s temporary response only. Likewise, the electrical transformer used in this model is usually intended for regulating the electricity of solar panels, and is not intended for mechanical dynamos. Therefore, this prototype is not suitable at the individual manual manufacturing level for commercial sale. Rather, it should be developed in cooperation with a specialized work team in scientific institutions specialized in developing engineering innovations.

In conclusion:
It is no secret to you that today the scientifically advanced world is proudly taking accelerating steps towards completely dispensing with petroleum derivatives. Any engineering projects within this context to find solutions, that are applicable to industrial and commercial marketing, and prove their economic feasibility are assumed to constitute a real and important opportunity to achieve economic, social and environmental gains. In our country in the future, God willing.

This was the sixth engineering innovation in a row that I designed and implemented from the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon, and I hope to record and develop these innovations in cooperation with the specialized scientific centers in our Arab and Islamic countries.



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