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Lutfi Talawi

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Through a report published in German and English as part of an interview conducted by the German press with the Palestinian researcher Lutfi Talaloh (Al-Talawi), who works in the largest research centers in Europe - the Jülich Research Center - currently in Germany, Talaloh seeks to develop and invent a device that is an alternative to the human brain, which will be used Later, to calibrate and ensure the quality performance of the most advanced devices used to detect and diagnose cancerous tumors in brain cells in the world of nuclear medicine and neuroscience.

The Palestinian researcher Talaloh, from the city of Jenin, was summoned to Germany for a short visit to meet him and conduct some tests to verify his competence. Within two weeks of the visit, the Palestinian researcher got his job in the largest research centers in Europe to work on his own project within a joint cooperation between the Institute of Medicine and Neurosciences and the Institute of Medicine. Engineering and Technology, which is the first joint collaborative project between the two institutes, which aims to develop and build the so-called “brain phantom”.

Talaloh completed his bachelor’s degree in applied physics from the Arab American University in Jenin, and obtained a master’s degree in medical physics, which is concerned with applications of physics in the world of medicine, from Malaysia. During his master’s studies, he also worked on creating something that is a substitute for human lungs for later use in calibrating devices. Before using it to verify that there are no malfunctions that could lead to medical errors if used on a patient.

Researcher Talaloh said that the “Brain Phantom” project is his doctoral project, and it is more complex and requires a combination of various specializations and skills to reach the desired goal, which is unique and original.

He explained that "phantoms" are devices used in the field of medicine in general and medical imaging devices in particular, to calibrate medical devices and ensure their safety, quality and accuracy of their results. He added that "phantoms" are used to improve the quality of the device used in the surgical operation and reach its maximum potential, and thus use it. As a field for experiments and exposing him to harmful radiation during the calibration process, instead of the patient being a field for experiments and exposed to excessive and very harmful radiation.

He added that his project is an alternative tool for the human brain, which will be used to calibrate the latest and most advanced devices in the world of nuclear medicine called the “Biograph mMR hybrid device,” which combines two devices with advanced and very expensive technology to obtain the best and most accurate diagnosis of cancerous tumors in the brain area. .

He also added that the "Phantom" that he is currently developing is the first of its kind in the world of nuclear medicine, and at relatively low costs when compared to the prices of "Phantoms" sold in the markets and medical companies, whose prices are estimated to range from 20 to 80 thousand dollars depending on the nature and type. "Phantom" and the purpose for which it is used.

He explained that the idea of the “Phantom” project is based on the fact that every device used in medicine - regardless of its complexity - must have calibration on a daily, weekly or periodic basis to ensure the safety of the device, and thus ensure the safety of both workers and patients alike.

Lutfi Talaloh pointed out that the matter is not limited to manufacturing tools to calibrate medical devices for the human brain only, but the matter can be developed to include all vital and important organs of the body, as he did in his research in the master’s degree, which is the manufacture of the “lung phantom”, which is used to verify the safety of... Medical devices and their quality before using them on the patient to image the human lung and respiratory system.

His interest in such topics came specifically recently, after many stories of medical errors spread in Palestine, the reasons for which are due to a malfunction in the device used, whether during the surgical operation, or a malfunction that leads to inaccuracy in diagnosing the medical condition due to the lack of regular calibration of medical devices.

Talaloh explained that this project could be provided in Palestine, if financial support is available, and it will be possible to create several different types of “phantoms” to calibrate medical devices used in diagnosis or in surgical operations in all of the nation’s hospitals and research centers.

He said: “Palestinian hospitals, as part of a special study, lack such tools, which are of great importance and must be used on a daily basis or at least on a monthly and periodic basis to ensure that the medical device used on the patient works with high efficiency and without any errors, and this in turn will work to reduce medical errors.” To a very large extent.

Talaloh emphasized that, with the support and environment that supports such competencies, the matter can be transferred to Palestine, and work can be done to develop “Phantoms” with their backward types to cover all medical devices. Thus, Lotfi Talaloh achieves the goal of his study of medical physics and then moves and expands to become a specialist in nuclear medicine and devices. Medical Center to serve the Palestinian medical sector and to solve the problem of medical errors resulting from devices that cause psychological and material harm, whether to the patient’s family, the hospital, or the governmental and private medical sector in Palestine.

Researcher Talaloh said: “There are many scientific competencies in Palestine, but they are dispersed throughout the world. We must return to the homeland in order to serve it from within,” indicating that all competencies can be embraced through the Palestinian government, to raise the status of Palestine, and not need anyone.


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