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Jamel Abu Madi

Jamel Abu Madi

Sector : Science, Innovators

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Jamil Abu Madi from Jerusalem won an award among the best 25 inventors out of 324 inventions, at the Istanbul International Invention Fair.
Abz Madi won a gold medal for his invention, the “moving oven,” which is the first of its kind in the world. It is a device that heats food orders while delivering them to customers using the exhaust heat of motorcycles.
The Supreme Council for Creativity and Excellence had nominated Abu Madi to represent Palestine in the international exhibition.

The owners of 45 inventions who participated in the exhibition received bronze medals, 30 inventions received silver medals, while the best 25 inventions, including Abu Madi, received gold medals. The Turkish Minister of Science and Technology, Fikri Işık, handed them over to them and gave them a certificate of excellence and quality.

Abu Madi said that the idea of the invention came while he was working as director of the external food delivery department in the most popular restaurants in Jerusalem to ensure that the requested food reaches customers hot, through the heat of the motorcycle exhaust, which reaches a temperature of 160 degrees Celsius, and passing the hot air through a stainless “radiator.” It transfers the heat gained to the food box in a technical way, with the ability to control the temperature using a thermostat that maintains the temperature of the box at approximately 65 degrees Celsius.

He added that this invention is the first in the world, which enabled him to register it to obtain a patent in his name.

The head of the Supreme Council for Creativity and Excellence, Adnan Samara, said that Palestine is rich in its creative and distinguished people, and that the Supreme Council for Creativity will provide all possible material and artistic capabilities to all creative people to enable them to develop what they have accomplished and turn it into a Palestinian product that can be marketed locally and abroad.


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