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Jehad Jamal Dakour

Jehad Jamal Dakour

Sector : Science, Innovators

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A Palestinian student invents a military and engineering helmet
  Palestinian youth tell us every day with more successes and innovations, despite their difficult circumstances and suffering, their lack of potential, and the lack of follow-up or support for their efforts from the concerned authorities.
The Palestinian student Jihad Jamal Dakour, who was reported on social media to have invented a smart helmet with several features, is one of these creative young people, and the “Quds News Agency” visited him at his home, to learn more details about this innovation, which won second place among the projects. Introduction to Electrical Engineering at the Lebanese International University in all its branches. He gave a detailed explanation about it, saying:

“I implemented the project in partnership with my friend Hilal Suwaidan. It is a military and engineering helmet at the same time. It enables the wearer to see at night. It contains sensors that warn of the presence of toxic gases in the atmosphere. It can also determine the number of surrounding satellites in space, in addition to the degree of Temperature, atmospheric pressure, and the number of heartbeats, as well as being able to determine a person’s location according to GPS.”

Regarding the difficulties that Dakour faced, he explained that they were “limited to materials and how to find the electronic parts used in the helmet.”

Dakour called on the Palestinian Authority to increase support for Palestinian students, especially master’s and doctoral students, hoping that he would receive support to complete his educational career and obtain a master’s and doctorate, which would further qualify him to support his cause and his country.

Dakur, who defied his circumstances, called on his peers to work hard, and to always remain persistent and strong, considering that education is the only way for Palestinian youth to confront all difficult situations and liberate Palestine from the usurping Zionist entity.

Dakour is one of hundreds of outstanding Palestinian students waiting for support to complete their educational journey. Will he find someone to sponsor his creativity and the creativity of Palestinian youth in general?!


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