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Alaa Zayed Hussain

Alaa Zayed Hussain

Sector : Science, Innovators

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  • Country of residence: Palestine
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The Palestinian student will soon sit in an electronic chair equipped with technological means, where he will find the books in front of him transformed into an electronic tablet.

Although this is a dream that schools around the world seek, the student Alaa Zayed Hussein turned it into a reality that came into effect in the school of her town, Bidya, in the city of Salfit.

Alaa, who is studying education in her final year at Al-Quds Open University, implemented her invention and presented it as a graduation project. It received an excellent grade and was admired by her professors at the university, while the Bidya Girls School opened its doors for Alaa to implement her project.

Alaa (22 years old) explains that her invention is a smart electronic chair that contains modern electronic equipment, including an advanced computer that includes the entire fourth grade curriculum.

Alaa explained that the chair features a device that measures the child’s temperature, and it also contains headphones that deliver sounds better for students who suffer from hearing problems.

The digital tablet also includes the Paint program, which allows the student to draw on it during leisure classes and art class. Alaa explained that the device also includes intelligence programs that allow the student to solve puzzles within five minutes to enrich his intelligence. It also includes special programs for solving assignments, in addition to others through which he takes his theoretical exams. .

“This chair is an alternative for the student to a paper book. We started experimenting with it in schools, where the student sits and begins to interact with his teacher, trying to use the digital board that the chair is equipped with,” Alaa said.

She added that the implementation of the project began at Bidya Girls School, after the approval of the professor supervising the project and the school principal, who liked the idea and encouraged her to begin testing it, to later submit it to the Ministry of Education and propose introducing the invention to schools and begin using it.

Regarding the idea of the invention, Alaa says that she sought to implement a distinct project that was different from the rest of the graduation projects, and would be a new addition to Palestinian society.

Alaa faced many difficulties, the most important of which was the Palestinian market’s lack of some sensitive and important electronic sensors, which forced her to import them from markets outside the country, in addition to the cost of the project, which exceeded a thousand dollars.

“I will strive to develop and improve it, unless it is presented for education... especially since it was also admired by the children who competed to try it.”


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