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Noor Shorfa

Noor Shorfa

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A young Palestinian woman invents an electronic application that prevents children from suffocating inside cars
“Smart Car” is the name of the application that was created by Nour Sharafa, a 15-year-old Palestinian girl, to protect the lives of children whose parents may leave them inside a closed car for a long time. She won third place among the best 65 projects in Palestine, in the “Palestine Science Fair” competition. Technology 2016.

End the problem

The inventor of the application said to the Huffington Post Arabic website, “I thought about creating a smart application to end this problem, as a result of the many cases that we heard about in various media about the death of children inside a car after their families left them inside it for a long time, as their oxygen is cut off due to high temperatures, and this leads to their death.” “My two brothers were suffocated in this way.”

Nour adds: “After thinking about the project, I started browsing the Internet, to learn from different applications and how they work and use them in this application, in addition to watching videos on YouTube, to learn programming so that I can program the application. As a middle school student, I am not good at technological skills. But I managed.” From programming and terminating the application.”

Electronic alarm

The innovative girl explains that her idea is related to smartphones, and depends on the presence of an electronic circuit linked to the application on the smartphone via Bluetooth. This circuit contains sensors that sense the temperature of the car and the gas in it, or any place in which it is placed. If the temperature rises above the previously set temperature, an alarm is sent to the smartphone holder linked to the electronic circuit.

Children are more vulnerable

Nour, who has researched this matter well, points out that young children are the most vulnerable to these accidents, because their body temperature rises three or five times faster than adults, especially for children between the ages of one and five years, and they do not have the ability to open their doors. Windows, doors and exit of the car.

As for the features of the smart app for children around the clock, it does not require any additional device inside the vehicle. It also works automatically when the child’s father’s car stops and sends an alert.

Sharafa points out that when choosing the alert option, the application allows the user to set a time to return to the vehicle, ranging between 5 and 20 minutes. After this time has elapsed, the application sends an initial alert. If the child is forgotten inside the car for a period longer than this, an alert will be made via Bluetooth that the child inside the car is in danger.

The inventor of the creative idea explains that her idea took approximately two months, and she seeks to develop her project so that it is linked to the car key and not to the mobile phone, especially since some parents sometimes forget their mobile phones inside the car.

Helping parents

The application created by the Palestinian girl was admired by citizens, as it addresses a major problem to which a large number of them are exposed.

Muhammad Al-Musawwar is one of those whose children suffocated two years ago because they were forgotten in the car.

The photographer told “Huffington Post Arabic” that the application is wonderful and distinctive, “as it helps parents check on the lives of their children in the event that they forget them inside the car. Because of the pressures of life and concerns, parents may forget their children inside their cars, and this may expose them to suffocation, but the smart car application that I invented Baby Nour limits her exposure to this problem.”

Umm Yazan, a mother of five children, was afraid to leave her children in the car while she went to buy her needs from the market, for fear that they would suffocate. But after using the “smart car” application, she began to check on them while they were inside her car, because the application warns her if there is a danger threatening them.


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