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Omar Badawi

Sector : Science, Innovators

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  • Country of residence: Palestine
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Two young Palestinians in the Gaza Strip were able to invent a new technology to charge smart mobile devices, which takes advantage of human movement, in a first in the Arab world.

Omar Badawi, one of the developers of the device, said: “The invention is a small, portable device that is placed in a pocket or bag. It charges your phone using the energy generated by your movement while walking or running.”

Badawi continues by saying: The device comes with an electronic application that counts the number of steps you take, the rate of your energy production, the distance you have traveled, in addition to the number of calories you have burned.

Devices to charge

Badawi added to Shams News, “Thanks to God, we received purchase orders for the innovative device from many countries of the world before its development was completed.”

He pointed out that the invention targets smart mobile devices, tablets, iPads, smart watches, and all devices that charge via the USB port.

Another development

As for Samir Al-Nono, he said: We are working on developing the product so that we can sell it in the local and foreign markets, and there are purchase requests from some countries, and our next step is that we will attach a holder for the device so that the person can attach it to the foot or arm during his movement so that it does not hinder movement, and the price of the device is expected to range Between ($30-$50).

Al-Nono continues to the “Shams News” correspondent, “As with any invention in the Gaza Strip, we faced many obstacles that led to delaying the launch of the product on time, perhaps the most prominent of which was the lack of the necessary parts in the Gaza Strip, in addition to the lack of expertise in marketing the product, and the lack of a good investor for external marketing, but We were able to overcome all of this with patience and perseverance.

It is worth noting that the project idea won second place in the global Imagine Cup competition, which is concerned with providing environmentally friendly solutions to reduce global pollution.


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