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Adyan Aqel

Adyan Aqel

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The Palestinian young woman, Adian Akl (19 years old), was able to grab the limelight, thanks to her appearance on the pages of newspapers and screens, and her great presence on social networking sites. It is all due to her distinguished arithmetic talent.

Akl, whose principal at the school, at the age of sixteen, thought that she had a psychological disorder, so she asked her family to take her to a psychiatrist. Years later, she became the ambassador of Palestinian creativity, and won the title of the Arab world champion in intelligence.

Simply put, Akl, with her mathematical talent, can tell you, in less than a second, the exact day of the week on which you were born, if you give her your date of birth in full numbers. Rather, it can determine whether it was a Monday or a Tuesday or other day in any past or coming time. The tests attest to this, including Al-Arabi Al-Jadeed’s test of her on more than one question, including her answer that May 10, 2050, will fall on a Tuesday, which has already been verified.

Akl told Al-Arabi Al-Jadeed that this talent “has nothing to do with mathematical operations. It is a divine nature and just an inspiration through which I can reveal the days that coincide with dates.” She points out that she was not excelling in mathematics during her school days, but rather she had an obsession with numbers and dates and memorizing them by heart.

Akl discovered her talent when she was sixteen years old, while she was studying in the town of Bidya, northwest of the city of Salfit, in the northern occupied West Bank. Her classmates at school encouraged her, and they constantly gave her tests, in which she always excelled and did not make mistakes. Her teachers also encouraged her, but the school principal physically and verbally abused her, summoning her family and asking them to take her to a psychiatrist to treat her, she says.

She adds that despite the pain this caused her, she insisted on continuing to memorize dates and reveal her talent to the tests of her colleagues, her family, and the people of her town, in order to reach her dream, through which she seeks to convey her talent to the whole world.

Akl was able to develop this talent and know the days that coincide with dates for millions of years past and future, without long thought. This is what qualified her for the title of Palestinian Ambassador for Mental Creativity, which was granted to her by the Minister of Education, Sabri Saidam. A title she is proud of, and considers it a motivator for her to continue her creative journey.
Ambassador Akl also participated in the Arab Exceptional Memory Championship competition, which was organized in Algeria last August, alongside 307 contestants representing 11 Arab countries. The test, called “The Corresponding Day,” is conducted by selecting 94 days within five minutes. Akl won first place and the gold medal, breaking the previous record.

Regarding that win, Akl says: “This win means a lot to me. Being the most prominent genius girl in the Arab world is a source of pride for me, my family, and my homeland, Palestine. I dedicate this win to my beloved country, and to my people, whose name and voice I will always strive to raise loudly in all parts of the world.” Note that since I was young, I dreamed of carrying the name Palestine with my talent, which is what happened and will happen in the future, God willing.”

Ever since Akl's name came to light, she has received many congratulatory messages on her Facebook account. Well-wishers take advantage of this by testing them by sending their birth dates for fun and testing. She comments on this: “People’s interaction is very strong on social media. They all ask me questions and support my talent, and are even proud of it.”

Also, some well-followed and effective pages, in coordination with Adyan Akl, publish special entries to find out the days on which followers were born. They send their dates of birth, and Akl responds to their inquiries directly.

Akl says that these followers express to her, through their messages and comments, their amazement at her talent and their support for her, which motivates her to present new talents and creativity to her now large audience. In this context, she points out that she is preparing amazing surprises that are also linked to her mathematical talent, but in different ways.

Adyan studies Sharia law at Al-Quds Open University in Salfit. However, she aspires to find the opportunity to study a different specialty in which she can highlight her talent, which is astronomy.


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