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Reyad Al-Omleh

Reyad Al-Omleh

Sector : Science, Innovators

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  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Male
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A passion that has grown with him since childhood, which he lived among cars and their accumulated parts, to become a car maker at the simplest costs.. He is the creator and manufacturer, Riyad al-Amleh, from the town of Qabalan, south of Nablus. He expressed his love for his two children, Adam and Noah, and his passion for cars through two pieces of art that bore their names, which attracted attention to his hometown.

Riyad Al-Amleh told Al-Najah correspondent: I have a passion and talent in the manufacture of classic cars, and I took advantage of the quarantine period of the Corona virus and my free time by drawing and implementing drawings to manufacture old-fashioned cars, because I love them.

Distinction was born of talent, not study, as Riyad adored every stranger and old, which enabled him to manufacture a jeep that he called Adam.
Then he took advantage of the Corona period by creating a classic car, whose design dates back to the thirties, in the name of Noah, with simple tools and costs, but its value after completion is invaluable.

Al-Amleh added, “My dream is to build a hut for me and my family that will serve as a farm to change the atmosphere in.”

The automobile industry...a dream waiting for someone to adopt it and establish its foundations in Palestine


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