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Moayad Al-Rimawi

Moayad Al-Rimawi

Sector : Science, Innovators

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  • Country of residence: Palestine
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Moayad Al-Rimawi, 35-year-old from the town of Beit Rima, Ramallah district, an architect, graduated from Palestine Polytechnic University, in addition to being a master’s degree in urban planning from Birzeit University, he succeeded in changing the stereotyped image of waste, and shifting attention towards its exploitation and transformation into a product Environmentally friendly, as he worked on creating a project to convert some waste into insulation materials, which resulted in local and international awards. The last of these awards he had won at the end of 2022, in the Falling Walls competition in Germany (Falling walls.)


Al-Rimawi founded a company for insulation materials, which he called (Hindar Company), and obtained its license in 2002, and its field of work is insulation of stone, concrete, tiles, roofs, and so on.

The company's staff consists of two engineers, an administrator, a marketing officer for the page, and workers working in the field.

The main idea of the project was to use some types of waste that are difficult to decompose in nature, and to use it to be a product that benefits people for a long time, thus achieving two benefits from it, on the one hand it contributed to ridding the environment of waste, and on the other hand it came out with a product useful to people by using all types of waste, and perhaps The most important of which is plastic waste, which does not decompose for hundreds of years.

The insulation materials product targets all categories, from ordinary homes to shops, housing, and the like.

Mechanism of Action..

Al-Rimawi collects waste according to his need, in cooperation with certain restaurants that produce huge quantities of waste in the form of plates, spoons and other plastic waste. He collects it from these restaurants, and if necessary, he collects waste from the environment itself, using special transport vehicles.

The process of producing insulation materials takes place in several stages, starting with cleaning the waste that is later subjected to chemical processes, from dissolving and additives until it holds together, then weighing it, packing it and selling it in the form of a product for stone, tiles, roofs, and the like.

Product features

Al-Rimawi says that the beauty of these products is that their shelf life is greater than that of other similar materials, such as white pitch and the like, and their toxicity is low, and therefore they are environmentally friendly in addition to their thermal insulation and ease of use compared to other materials.

In terms of cost, it is clear that the product is slightly more expensive than the cost of the regular product, according to an initial calculation, but its quality is actually better and lasts longer, as it serves for three times the period that the regular product serves.

The target, the foreign market

Al-Rimawi was able to obtain a patent for his product, which received a good turnout, especially in light of a culture that does not pay much attention to the environment in Palestine, but he was able to expand in the West Bank and reserve a market for it, so that he could later reach his product in the occupied interior and Jerusalem, and even was able to He finds a market for himself abroad by obtaining orders from Spain, after his participation in an event there, and from here Al-Rimawi began to focus his efforts on spreading in the foreign market.

Al-Rimawi aspires to establish branches for his company abroad, and expand further in the market, as he believes that working abroad is for several reasons related to liberation from the restrictions and obstacles of the occupation, in addition to the great interest in the environmental aspect abroad.

Al-Rimawi says that one of the main obstacles to the work of his company is the invasion of Israeli products into the Palestinian market, in addition to the difficulty in providing solvents and materials needed for work, and that people’s acceptance of the idea began weak, but now it is gradually increasing, as we do not have a culture of preferring environmentally friendly materials widely among people. .

Al-Rimawi is proud of his participation in many campaigns and competitions, including his winning of the Ramallah Prize for Environmental Initiatives, which he received two years ago, but at the same time he deplores the lack of interest in the project as it should, and he said that the matter was limited to shield and martyrdom without any other attribution.

He also participated in more than one competition. In 2019, he participated in a competition within the dangerous projects, in which he ranked third, and another competition was for a university in Bulgaria, which is for creative projects, during which he won the gold medal, and the third competition was in Berlin, which is the Falling Walls competition, after which it was completed. Transferring the project from local to global.


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