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Muhammad Al-Dabbah

Muhammad Al-Dabbah

Sector : Science, Innovators

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  • Country of residence: Palestine
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Muhammad Al-Dabbah draws the attention of the people around him with the detours and fast movements he performs on the sands of the Gaza seashore, using a racing car that he made himself, and it is very similar to the international cars used by amateurs in this field.

Al-Dabba invests the first hours of the morning, when there is little presence of citizens on the beach, to carry out tests of the car, and prepares it to carry out special exercises and shows in the evening hours, when the number of visitors to the sea increases.

"This experience in manufacturing and assembling a car may be rare locally, and that is why people are attracted to it remarkably, as they are always eager for everything new and different," he said.

He added that his car is among the three in the Gaza Strip that has the ability to perform such shows, pointing out that it extinguished part of his passion and love for car racing and his desire to drive one of the cars participating in international competitions, which he grew up with since childhood.

He added that manufacturing the car took him about a year and a half, after which he needed time to test it in various places and test its quality, and the efficiency of its performance on sand in particular.

Practicing such a sport in the besieged Strip is considered a great achievement due to the lack of suitable places for this sport.

Al-Dabba believes that his experience is a first step that can be built upon in the future in order to develop this sport and find a foothold for it in Gaza.

He said that the performances he performs in public places are greatly followed by people who admire what he does, and they keep watching him and following the times he is on the seashore.

Several years ago, the Palestinian youth had an experience with a number of amateurs in establishing a mechanical sports club, which is generally interested in people who own motorized vehicles suitable for sports use.


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