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Muhammad Abu Matar

Muhammad Abu Matar

Sector : Science, Innovators

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  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 0
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Despite the economic and health challenges faced by the residents of the Gaza Strip, there remains a place for creativity and dedication, which is a vital means of steadfastness and overcoming difficulties.

The Palestinian engineer, Muhammad Abu Matar, was concerned with developing one of the best neurological treatment centers in Germany, where he can treat cases of paralysis, paraplegia, and Parkinson's diseases. The advanced technology of neurotherapy robots was used, which is a rare technology of which there are only a few devices in the world.

Muhammad Abu Matar showed his great talent in the field of physiotherapy, as he used his knowledge and experience to develop a 3D printing machine for medical instruments. Abu Matar is considered the first engineer in Gaza to succeed in developing this printer with simple local capabilities, which is a remarkable achievement in light of the difficult conditions that the Strip faces.

Among Abu Matar's achievements is the development of an improved mask using 3D printing technology to protect against the coronavirus. The mask has become a staple used by individuals and doctors around the world to combat the risk of virus transmission.

This achievement is a symbol of the ability of Palestinian youth in the Gaza Strip to challenge and innovate, even in light of the difficult and limited conditions in the region. Such achievements are a source of hope and optimism for a better future for society and public health.


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