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Sabri Maraqa

Sabri Maraqa

Sector : Science, Scientists

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  • Country of residence: Germany
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 0
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The physiotherapist, Sabri Maraqa, has an impressive achievement, as he established one of the best neurotherapy centers in Germany, where treatments are provided for patients with paralysis, paraplegia, and Parkinson's diseases.

The center, headquartered in Munich, relies mainly on the use of cutting-edge technologies from rare neurotherapy robots, which are hardly available in limited quantities.

The introduction of these innovative technologies in treatment restores hope for paralyzed patients to return to movement, after a treatment journey that may be long.

It is worth noting that the center does not limit its services to paralyzed patients only, but also treats those who suffer from various movement disabilities.

It is worth noting that Sabri holds German citizenship, but is of Palestinian-Jordanian origin, as he obtained a physiotherapy specialty after graduating from Latsch University in the Department of Medicine.

This remarkable achievement of Sabri Maraqa is an example of perseverance and dedication in achieving progress and providing distinguished medical services to the sick and injured.


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