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Nadia Zuhair Al-Khatib

Nadia Zuhair Al-Khatib

Sector : Science, Innovators

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  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Female
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After several months of work, research and design, the Gazan engineer, Nadia Zuhair Al-Khatib, was able to create smart glasses that could end the suffering of millions of people with hearing disabilities around the world. According to official Palestinian estimates, 19,811 people suffer from hearing impairments in occupied Palestine, including 9,821 Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

The glasses, which are called “Peace Ear Glasses,” are based on translating people’s voices and their speech through the microphone attached to the glasses into a written language, which is displayed and reflected on the glasses’ lenses, to be read and understood.

According to Nadia, the glasses were designed with a suitable accessory so as not to obstruct vision, not affect the eye, and be suitable to facilitate communication with those who cannot hear.

Given the scarcity and limited resources and parts that were a major obstacle, a prototype of the project was completed, that is, just a manual version that needed a lot of preparation, development and appropriate additions, to become a final product that serves 466 million people with hearing disabilities around the world.

Innovation chapters began brewing in Nadia Zuhair's mind with her graduation project, and she had previously decided that her graduation project could not be just a project, but rather it must be a concrete and real project, and that it be a great message and the seed of a project with a great goal that serves the community. And she was insisting on using artificial intelligence in it, in order to combine her passion and mission, and from it the start.

On the other hand, “Nadia” had a message and concern for all people with special needs, and not a particular group in particular, and after deep thought in determining the category that the project will present to them and be an assistant to them, “Nadia” decided that the first message I work on would be an introduction to the great people (people with hearing needs Among the reasons for choosing this category is the lack of inventions provided and assistance to them, so I thought of creating smart glasses that would serve as a means to help them face the difficulties of communicating and communicating effectively with those around them, and help them understand others by translating the voices of those who speak with them into written language.

The innovation of the Gazan engineer came to a class that desperately needs such innovations. Especially since those who suffer from hearing disabilities face a problem with the language spoken in front of them and in the councils, and therefore artificial intelligence was used to provide a new way to end their problem in communication and communication, and the “Peace Ear Glasses” came to take their place among the innovations that are beneficial to humanity in general.

It is noteworthy that the innovation of Engineer Nadia is among the wearable devices anywhere, and its cost is very low, and today it needs to be adopted by business incubators in occupied Palestine or the world. by a person with a hearing impairment.


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