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Iyad Muhammad Zahran

Iyad Muhammad Zahran

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The Palestinian inventor Iyad Muhammad Zahran, who holds two patents in generating pure hydrogen, announced the launch of the first green hydrogen heating system in the world in cooperation with the National Center for Energy Research. On the grounds of the exhibition city in Damascus.

Zahran stated that the current system, "the green hydrogen heating system," which has been worked on to invest hydrogen completely eliminates fuel.
Zahran indicated that the stages of the system work start from the entry of water into it through a filter consisting of cellulose and resin to be distilled by withdrawing lime and impurities to reach the reservoir feeding the cell, which in turn separates the water electrically - through electrophoresis - of hydrogen and oxygen with a purity of 99.9 for each gas from each gas. The other is what makes the possibility of storage safe, and after obtaining gases (hydrogen and oxygen) and compressing them and storing them in the tanks of the system, they are collected with the “solar” device through which the heating process takes place by heating the water and distributing the hot air resulting from the environmentally friendly combustion process.

He pointed out that the process of generating and storing hydrogen fuel is carried out through solar panels during peak hours without the need to use the public electricity network, except in the case of double consumption of the amount of previously stored gas, as the system works automatically when the pressure drops below 5 bar using the public network, but with a small consumption. energy, as generating one liter of hydrogen requires 90 instantaneous watts, indicating that the amount of gas generated and stored is related to the size of the cell.

Zahran noted that in addition to heating the water, there is another investment for the system, represented by an alternative to cooking gas, where gases (hydrogen and oxygen) are collected on the stove, explaining that hydrogen is a clean gas and its thermal energy is 3.5 times the thermal energy of any gas or fuel.


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