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Maha Zyoud

Maha Zyoud

Sector : Science, Innovators

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  • Country of residence: Swaziland
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 0
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The Palestinian physicist Maha Zyoud received a research grant at the Department of Physics at the Swiss Federal Institute of Science and Technology (ETH), the eighth university in the world, the third in Europe, and the first in Switzerland.

Maha says, "I arrived here today with the consent of my parents and my deep belief that I will reach their dream one day, and with the support and constant encouragement of my husband."

Maha holds a master's degree in physics with distinction from ETH University. A few years ago, she did an internship at CERN in Geneva, where she worked on a research project on the CMS experiment, one of the four major experiments working around the Large Hadron Accelerator.


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