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Nermeen Qassem

Nermeen Qassem

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Nermin Qassem.. a Palestinian researcher who creates a treatment program for autism spectrum
The Palestinian researcher, Nermin Qassem, 31, from the Gaza Strip, was able to record a new scientific innovation that contributes significantly to the treatment of autism spectrum disorder in children in its three degrees: mild, moderate, and severe.

Qassem, a doctoral student in Clinical Clinical Diseases at Cairo University, succeeded in achieving the degree of excellence with first class honors and the entitlement to register a patent with a recommendation for publication in research centers, while preserving rights.

The genetic panel of autism

She says that the examination of the genetic cellular slide aims to examine the presence of changes in the amount of genetic material, including the presence of small changes in the genetic material, which may be an increase or decrease in the genetic material, which cannot be diagnosed with a microscope (copy number variants, CNVs), Which can cause mental retardation, developmental problems, autism, birth defects and other health problems.

She added that the time period to reach the CMA test answer is between 3-6 weeks, starting from receiving the sample in the laboratory, which reaches 99%.

She indicated that the result of the examination is related to several factors, such as the amount of material in the sample that is available in the laboratory, the necessity of preparing a cell culture to complete the examination, the need sometimes for samples from the parents and genetic examinations in other ways as part of the analysis of the examination result.

She pointed out that by using whole exome sequencing in the differential diagnosis of autism, it helps to diagnose whether autism candidate genes are present in the patient or not, while providing distinction of the clinical results of autism-like symptoms of other genetic diseases, therefore, it sheds light on the genetic basis of autism cases. .


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