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Heba Emad Dweik

Heba Emad Dweik

Sector : Science, Scientists

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Ramallah 3-6-2021 - The Ministry of National Economy announced today, Saturday, that it has registered 3 patents with the General Administration of Intellectual Property in the areas of wastewater treatment, facilitating the movement of people with disabilities (with a mobility impairment) in public places, and a high-efficiency generation system.


The ministry indicated, in a press statement, that the inventors, Heba Emad Muhammad Fayez Dweik, Nariman Radi Musa Zahida, and Nadia Ayed Hussein Aqifan, have registered a patent for a wastewater treatment device, designed from an integrated, efficient and environmentally friendly wastewater treatment unit that removes chromium from water. Sanitation from leather tannery factories by adsorption (adsorption) on solid waste particles resulting from stone saws (asthma), thus eliminating pollution from manufacturers.


She added that the inventor, Moamen Muhammad Ali Hamdan, was able to register a patent for the smart chair to facilitate the movement of people with disabilities (they suffer from a movement disability) in public places and transportation, to facilitate their movement and reduce the burdens on them when they want to move in their vehicles, without a person accompanying them in all their movements.


The ministry indicated that the invention is a chair equipped with control switches on both ends of the steering and control hands at the base of the chair that can be connected and separated from the chair, as it works either automatically or manually, and what distinguishes this rule is the method of movement of its arms connected with wheels in a distinctive way that allows movement in areas wider than chairs normal.


She pointed out that the third invention is a highly efficient power generation system and a way to operate it by the inventors Alex Herrera and Iyad Bagdan, where the power generation system is revealed using magnetic induction and a way to operate it.


It is noteworthy that the ministry registered during the past year 7 patents in the fields of fuel, light signal control, automatic packaging, extracting paper pulp from palm fronds, evaluating hand-drawn papers, perpetual motion machine, and compartment separation system.


In its statement, the ministry indicated that 151 trademarks were deposited for registration, and 212 new trademarks were registered, while 182 trademarks were renewed after more than seven years of registration. On the other hand, 9 new industrial fees were deposited, while their revenues amounted to Intellectual property services: An amount of 225.5 thousand shekels as revenue from intellectual property services during the month of January.




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