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Nadia Ayed Akifan

Nadia Ayed Akifan

Sector : Science, Scientists

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  • Страна местожительства: Palestine
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Watan: Palestine Polytechnic University’s business incubator contributed to the patent registration of the “Waste-Waste Treatment” device, and the female inventors, Nadia Ayed Aqifan, Heba Imad Dweik, and Nariman Radi Zahida, obtained the official registration of the patent from the Palestinian Ministry of National Economy, This is about designing an environmentally friendly wastewater treatment unit that removes chromium from the water of polluted leather tanneries factories using limestone saw residues (asthma), thus eliminating pollution from manufacturers.


The idea of the project is to reduce the financial and health burdens of tanneries and their employees, and during their experimental work at Palestine Polytechnic University in treating the water of dairy factories, they heard about the possibility of closing “10” local tanneries due to the lack of proper disposal of untreated wastewater and the high costs of treatment, so they thought In redirecting this innovative solution towards the tanneries sector, they succeeded.




It is noteworthy that the waste treatment project is one of the projects incubated in the Palestine Polytechnic University business incubator and received technical and financial support from several local and international programs, where the establishment of the treatment unit was funded by the Jadara Program funded by the Economic Empowerment Program "UNDP" in addition to legal and administrative services from the program "BSIS" funded by the Belgian cooperation, and they also participated in the "SwitchMedConnect" conference for sustainable development in Barcelona.




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