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Jamal Al-Shakhtoor

Jamal Al-Shakhtoor

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Inventor Jamal Shakhtoor.. Three Palestinian innovations that facilitate the lives of the injured

With scientific sophistication and a special creative touch, I like to bandage the wounds of his Palestinian people, after he used to see them firsthand while volunteering to help the injured during the clashes in the areas of contact with the occupation soldiers.

The son of the Palestinian city of Bethlehem, the young Jamal Shakhtor, harnessed his academic specialization in "industrial automation engineering" and his youthful and intellectual energy to serve his community first, and the peoples of the world as a whole.


He succeeded in registering three medical inventions in his name before he was over twenty-six years old. His inventions carried a medical imprint that made it easier for the injured and people with special needs to live their daily lives without anyone's help.


Electronic arm to prevent injury


There is no tirelessness or boredom in Shakhtoor's professional and scientific life, even during the Corona pandemic that swept the countries of the world and upended the lives of their people. He took advantage of the comprehensive closure that swept the Palestinian territories to invent devices that benefit his people. His third invention, which is an “electronic arm”, saw the light in mid-February.


Shakhtoor told TRT Arabic: "The electronic arm is controlled remotely by the pioneers of the laboratories that contain toxic and dangerous chemicals, to avoid entering the laboratories in the presence of these substances. In this case, the person is forced to wear a special laboratory clothing, and therefore he may endanger himself when dealing with These materials, except that with this arm he wears a palm in his hand or a control device that he uses from behind the laboratory glass, where he can lift the sample and inspect it through the camera in the arm.”


He added, "I encounter many accidents and problems because of my volunteering in first aid to the injured in my country, in addition to my specialization in the field of technology that made me consolidate everything I know to serve medicine. After my research in laboratories and research centers, I discovered this problem, which is the dangers of wearing special clothes when specialists enter for examination As a sample, I worked on the manufacture of the electronic arm to solve the problem, and on the basis of it I will continue in the manufacture of the robot.”


He continues: "Necessity is the mother of invention, so man must invent things that make his life easier for him. I made this arm entirely from my personal effort. I built it in Bethlehem, Palestine, through a 3D printer. I made special designs for it in addition to designs I saw and used by re-designing it on The computer and its accurate application. Many amputees contacted me because of their great admiration for this invention and their need for it.”


wheelchair for people with special needs


Shaktour's scientific achievements were not limited by the restrictions of the occupation, but she was able to travel with distinction to the countries of the Arab world. In 2019, he participated in the "Arab Rally for Entrepreneurship" competition, which was held in Bahrain with the aim of developing the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship among Arab youth. He led a team to design and develop an "electric wheelchair for people with mobility impairments".


He explains to TRT Arabic that "the chair enables a person to perform some positions such as standing, sitting, lying down, rising and falling. In addition, it prevents skin ulcers and stimulates blood circulation, and relieves the burden on the parents, especially since this chair when the patient wants to reach his bed at home can through The device can be accessed alone without anyone's help. After its arrival and through an application on the phone, the chair goes alone to the charging corner, that is, to lie on the bed, and in the morning he summons him from it and the matter is done as before. The device also prevents clots from occurring in the feet of the injured."


Rescue bag for the paramedic and the injured


In 2019, Shakhtoor won first place in the "Community Service Innovations" category at the "Ninth Engineering Forum" held in the Sultanate of Oman, by participating in his own project, "Rescue Bag" or "Breathing Bag", which carries two masks: one for the paramedic and the other for the injured.


The invention of the breathing bag was the result of an incident that occurred with Shakhtor while he was working as a volunteer paramedic in first aid at the points of contact with the occupation, where he was informed one day of the need to save a case of suffocation during the confrontations that were erupting at the time, so he urgently needed to carry an oxygen tube with him to save the injured.


Shakhtor was unable to provide first aid to the suffocating person who was suffocated by the toxic gases that were thrown by the occupation soldiers in the place, because the paramedics are prohibited from carrying the compressed oxygen tube for fear that it would explode with a bullet or a bomb, especially in the areas that are in contact with the occupation. He was forced to transport the injured person amid toxic gases and oxygen was cut off from the brain, which caused great damage to the injured. Then a boy was motivated to invent an electronic breathing bag with two masks: one for the lifeguard and one for the casualty.


Shakhtoor says: "The device does not depend on storing air, but rather on filtering it. It takes toxic and useful gases, filters them, and pumps only useful gases to both the burner and the injured. Thus, the mask pumps clean air on the face of the patient to expel the toxic gases, and prevent more of them from entering the moment the mask is placed on the face of the injured person. The pressure inside it becomes stronger than the external pressure, preventing air from entering. Then the device is placed safely, and air is given to the injured person according to his breathing with minimal damage as possible, and if the device is exposed to fire damage, it does not explode.”


He adds: "For me, the Corona pandemic increases ideas and determination and finds positive innovations that help get people out of the tragic situation we are going through. Today, especially the younger generation, we are there to solve the problems we are facing. Personally, the more I see problems, the more I insist on trying and finding solutions. I create it from nothing, if only 5% of the problem is solved, I am happy and I am satisfied with this.Of course, there is any crisis, whether Corona or others, we try to find solutions to it, because in the end, as they say, if you are not part of the solution, then you are definitely part of the problem, so You should always try to find a solution without getting discouraged.”


Shakhtoor dreams of owning a Palestinian company that specializes in providing medical services and facilitating the lives of people with special needs, including a department for manufacturing machines that patients need>




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