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Adnan Megally

Adnan Megally

Sector : Science, Scientists

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Male
  • Born in: 1963
  • Age: 59
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Adnan Mukheiber Majali, a Palestinian scientist and businessman, was born in 1963 in the town of Tubas in the West Bank in Palestine, to a farmer father and a family of nine brothers and sisters. He is married and has seven children.


Adnan Megally is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the "Majalli" Investment Group in the United States. He obtained his first university degree from Yarmouk University in Jordan in 1981, and obtained his doctorate from the University of Exeter in England in 1989, after which he began his career at the University of Rochester in New York. . In his research and scientific career, Majali has achieved more than 700 patents, and he has created drugs for incurable diseases such as diabetes and Alzheimer's, which gave him several awards as the US Man of the Year for Service to the Medical and Humanitarian Field in 2008 by "BIZlife" magazine. He was also a candidate for the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2011. In the same year, he was awarded the Medal of Excellence and Creativity from the Palestinian Authority.


His educational career

He obtained his bachelor’s degree with distinction in 1981 from Yarmouk University in Jordan, and was appointed as a teaching assistant there. He received an educational grant from the European Union in 1987. The scholarship prepared him to study medicinal chemistry in Britain and obtain master’s and doctoral degrees at the Universities of Salford and Exeter. In 1989, he completed his doctorate in a record period of time that did not exceed 18 months. He holds a doctorate in medicinal chemistry. And his doctorate from the University of Exeter was in the field of atherosclerosis and the manufacture of drugs that prevent blood clots.


His career

Between 1991-1994 Adnan Megally was the principal investigator for medicinal chemistry at Merck Research Laboratories. Between 2004-2010, Adnan Majali held the position of Director of Sega Technologies, and through the company, medical and biological solutions were developed and marketed. The company is located in the United States. One of its most prominent products is an antiviral drug called Tobux, which is administered orally to treat orthopoxyvirus infections. Sega Technologies, Inc., was founded in 1995 and is headquartered in New York.


From 2004-2010 Adnan Megally was director of the Center for Biotechnology (Biotechnology) in North Carolina.

Between 2006-2010, Adnan Megally was the Director of the High Point Foundation for Economic Development. During his scientific and practical career, Majali has obtained more than 700 patents and published more than 40 scientific articles.


He worked at Merck Pharmaceuticals for four years, and spent a similar period at Antigen, where he headed medical research. Magali founded Transtech Pharma, which witnessed great success and is described as a "medical empire", chaired its board of directors, and confirmed that it is a company specialized in medical research aimed at eliminating chronic diseases, including diabetes and Alzheimer's. Megali Company has succeeded in discovering and developing a new drug to treat diabetes that activates a specific gene in the intestines and the body and helps control blood sugar, treat obesity and high cholesterol without complications, unlike other drugs. Megali Company has also succeeded in finding a new drug that helps treat type 2 diabetes, as it stimulates a specific gene to absorb excess sugar and burn it in a biological way through the liver, which is described as a scientific success that helps end the suffering of millions with drugs that cause coma in some cases. . Regarding Alzheimer's, Magley's company succeeded in discovering a new drug in 2006 called "TTP488" that works to balance the gene that causes the disease. According to media reports, as soon as the Alzheimer’s drug was discovered, the giant Virz Corporation made a mythical offer to Majali company and signed a contract with him about $ 178 million to obtain full rights in manufacturing and marketing, in addition to a percentage of the profits and 21% of the annual income from sales of the drug for a period of thirty years. Adnan Majali is the CEO of the Majali Executive Group (MIG), whose activities are distributed in Palestine and the United States, and which contains many companies such as Majali Energy Company, Majali Monitoring Company, Majali & Partners Construction and Contracting Company (miccc), Majali Exchange, MIGAG and (ZAIN) and many companies other. Adnan Megally invented the first robot that accelerates drug discovery, doing 90% of a scientist's manual work, and was able to reduce the team of scientists from sixty to six.


His social activities

Megally had established many charitable associations and works in Palestine, and this is out of help and support for his people. Adnan Megally funded it, believing in the slogan "Science is a right for all." Adnan Megally donates permanently from his own money to university students through his association and Al-Quds University, and this was evident in 2007, when he gave 85 scholarships. In addition to his research interests, Majali manages several investments in the agricultural, tourism and urban fields. He believes that there is a national duty on the Palestinians, who have success stories in the world, towards their homeland to come and invest in it. He believes that the donations offered by these people to their people are not the appropriate means to build a national economy, and he adds: "Why does every person abroad allocate only 10% of his capital to invest in Palestine in the fields of agriculture and industry?" He also owns the Majali Investment Company, which includes a concrete factory, factories and maintenance units, headquartered in Tubas, which contains more than 60 workers. In 2017, the scientist Adnan Majali established the first Palestinian medical research center under the umbrella of Al-Quds University to be the first and largest medical research center in Palestine and the Arab world.

Achievements and Awards

Awards and Achievements

Adnan Megally has won many awards as a result of his research, studies and development of medicines that treat incurable diseases. Among them are the "Fast 50" awards related to the fastest growing companies, and the Helios Foundation Award for Excellence in Creativity and Innovation. In 2008, Adnan Megali was elected United States Man of the Year. Adnan Megally was nominated to win the Nobel Prize in 2011, but he did not receive the award. He commented on this, saying: "There was no discrimination and prejudice for any of the candidates other than him. These are the nominations of the proud guardian that I am nominated for, adding that his presence among his people is the greatest honor for him." In 2011, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas awarded him the Medal of Creativity and Excellence for 2011. In addition, Adnan is popular in the Palestinian street through his generous donations to students, universities and the Palestinian people. The people and the Palestinian cause.




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