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Abdulfattah Malhas

Sector : Sports, Athletes

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Antarctica
  • Gender: Male
  • Born in: 1866
  • Age: 155
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Born in the city of Nablus. He graduated from the Higher Teachers College, Istanbul and returned to Nablus in 1908 work in teaching and then became director of the school in Diyarbakir Bowl (now Turkey). And he became an assistant to the director of processing in Damascus and secretary to the general fund and subsistence during the First World War. And when the Ottoman forces withdrew from Damascus in October 1918 he had in subsistence fund about half a million Turkish liras in gold. On the night of the withdrawal of the Turkish governor he came to his house and asked to give him ten thousand pounds. Abdel Fattah have won him the finish and then the governor told him, "You are the disposal of the rest." As soon as King Faisal bin Hassan entry to Damascus are Abdel Fattah Malhas and told him what his possession of money, king sent soldiers to his home and taken all the money and the books of accounts to house the emirate. The chief financial officer in a charitable Abdul Hadi scored these funds under the name "Municipality Abdel Fattah Malhas." He knew this and make people famous and beaten for honesty sayings. Devoted himself to teaching after the French occupation of Damascus on his hands come out a large number of national leaders of the movement who led the Syrian people for freedom and independence. He died in Damascus, leaving two books.


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