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Ahmad Abu Khater

Ahmad Abu Khater

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  • Страна местожительства: United States
  • Пол: Male
  • Born in: 1977
  • key_age: 35
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r. Ahmed Abukhater, GISP, is the first athlete to represent Palestine at the World Association of Bench pressers and Dead lifters (WABDL) World Powerlifting Championships in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2006. In November, 2007, Abukhater represented Palestine again in the WABDL World Championship, in Anaheim, California, where he won his division and set a new Palestinian world record. He set a new record for the state of Illinois in 2004, and currently holds many national and international records in powerlifting.

The 10-year-old WABDL, one of a handful of international lifting organizations, recognized his lift as a national record for Palestine. "I think it was a groundbreaking experience," said Gus Rethwisch, the founder and president of the 4,200-member group. "He's not an activist. He's not political. He's just passionate," Rethwisch said.

Professionally, Dr. Abukhater currently serves as Esri's Global Industry Manager for Community Development, Planning, and Economic Development. He is a well-respected expert in the fields of GIS solutions and strategic marketing in Planning and Community Development applications, Urban and Regional Planning, Water Resources Management, and Conflict Resolution. More precisely, his his expertise is focused on the geopolitical and hydropolitical aspects of water resources in the context of the Arab-Israeli conflict, the transboundary management of water resources, and multinational environmental policies in the Middle East.

Dr. Abukhater holds a Ph.D. in Community and Regional Planning from the University of Texas at Austin with a focus on water resources management and conflict resolution and mediation and a Master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and a Bachelor’s degree in Architectural Engineering.

Through education and professional experience, he developed specialization in a number of fields ranging from Planning Analysis and Geographic Information System (Esri), Geospatial analysis and multi-criteria evaluation (MCE), groundwater modeling, Environmental Science and Sustainable Development, to Conflict Resolution and Mediation.

Достижения и награды

International Records (open and elite men's division -198 lbs weight class):
Squat: 630 lbs
Bench Press: 610 lbs
Deadlift: 705 lbs

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