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Sami Nateel

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Palestinian runner Sami Asaad Ibrahim Nateel from the Gaza Strip achieved third place in the Rum International Desert Ultramarathon (relay), a distance of 84 km, which was organized by the Distances Without Borders Foundation in Jordan, with the participation of more than 250 competitors from 31 Arab and foreign countries.

The international runner, Nateel, covered the race distance in a time of 11 continuous hours, achieving a new achievement added to the record of victories he achieved in international and Arab races, despite the difficulty of this race, which is distinguished from other international races by its difficulty, due to the high temperatures, which reached 39 degrees Celsius. In addition to the race route, which passes through mountainous and desert terrain and high sand dunes.

It is noteworthy that the Palestinian international runner participated in other international races, the most important of which was the 50 km desert triathlon race in Tunisia last March, and in the Egypt International Marathon race, covering a distance of 5 km in a time of 16 minutes with the participation of 32 countries.


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