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Laila Al-Maliki

Sector : Sports, Athletes

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  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 0
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The Palestinian equestrian, Laila Al-Maliki, participated in the World Youth Conference organized by the “United for Sports” organization, which was hosted by the Thai capital, Bangkok, as an ambassador for the International Equestrian Federation, based in Switzerland.
The International Equestrian Federation chose Al-Maliki in 2020 to be its young ambassador and representative from among thousands of young riders around the world, in honor of her sporting and humanitarian values that reflect the concepts of cooperation, integration and equality among young people, and her achievements in the world of equestrianism at an early age.
The conference chose 15 ambassadors from among two thousand ambassadors around the world to represent young people at the global summit, including the horsewoman Laila as a representative of equestrian sports globally and the International Equestrian Federation in this global sports and youth event, which is held under the roof of Sports for All.
Al-Maliki gave lectures and meetings during the conference, which was attended by heads and representatives of international sports federations, Olympic, Paralympic and Special Olympics committees, international youth organizations, and representatives of United Nations organizations.
As an ambassador for youth and international equestrian sports, rider Laila will be part of a global campaign carried out by United for Sports to promote the principles of sports, tolerance, integration, and support for women and youth.
Al-Maliki participated in commemorating the United Nations Day for Tolerance and spoke at a special symposium held by the conference on this occasion.
The equestrian Laila was chosen to carry the flag of the International Olympic Committee at the opening festival, which was attended by Their Highnesses from the royal families from Saudi Arabia, Thailand and Malaysia, in addition to ministers and officials from the Thai government. The President of the International Olympic Committee addressed the conference, directing salutes to the youth and their important role in making sport a means to a better world that includes... everyone.
It is worth mentioning that the International Equestrian Federation had awarded Al-Maliki the Award for Defying the Odds as the first Arab equestrian to obtain this high title, with the support of the Palestinian Olympic Committee headed by Lieutenant General Jibril Rajoub and the Palestinian Equestrian Federation, in appreciation from the International Federation of the Palestinian Equestrian Equestrian for her achievements in the world of equestrian and sports, as she represents... A role model for young people and women around the world.


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