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Basil Ahmed Al-Khader

Basil Ahmed Al-Khader

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The importance of football and the extent of its impact on societies is no longer hidden from anyone, while everyone seeks to spread their culture and ideas through this sport.
What happened in the Qatar 2022 World Cup proved to the world that Palestine is still present in the minds of the Arab and Islamic peoples and the peoples who support truth and justice.

Basil Ahmed Al-Khader, born in 2011, from the town of Zouk Al-Tahtani, Safad district. He was born in Burj Al-Shamali camp in the city of Tyre, southern Lebanon, and recently obtained Danish citizenship.

He was affiliated with the Palestinian Al-Nahda Club in Burj Al-Shamali camp from a young age and graduated with them in the age groups until 2021. Before his travel from Lebanon, he passed the test for the Al-Tadamon Club in Tire and was accepted with them in his age group, but traveling to Denmark prevented him from playing with them.

Basil's father said in an interview with Al Awda News Network: Basil plays at the HFK Academy in the city of Herslow, which is affiliated with the Danish team Sensuk. He trains with his team 3 days a week on a regular basis, for two hours after school, and they travel to other cities to train and gain experience.

Basil played the previous league matches for his team HFK and scored 26 goals with them, becoming one of the most important and distinguished players within the team.

He also participated in a junior football tournament in Denmark that was held in the city of Horsens, and Basil was the star of the tournament by scoring a large number of goals and being crowned the best player in the tournament.

  His father adds to Al-Awda News Network: My son aspires to follow in the footsteps of his father, who played in the Lebanese League for the Tadamon Sour team, then for the Al-Ansar Club for six seasons, and represented the Lebanese youth team.

At the end of his talk to Al Awda News Network, he said, “I hope that my son will achieve what I did not achieve. Yes, the future awaits Basil because of the presence of the incubator and the attention. I hope that as the days go by, I will watch my son play in the largest European clubs to achieve his ambition first and so that he can defend his first and last cause, Palestine, and raise its name in international forums.” .


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