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Sameer Samer Hamad

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The Palestinian child Sameer Samer Hamad, 8 years old, from the city of Farah, Safad District, Palestine, and a resident of the Rashidieh camp for Palestinian refugees in Tire, southern Lebanon, won first place in the Kyokushinkai martial arts tournament.

The championship, which was held in Al-Qasm Square in the city of Tyre, was sponsored by the Lebanese Kyokushinkai Federation, with the participation of 80 male and female players.

In an exclusive interview with Al-Awda News Network, Samer Hamad, the father of the hero, Samir, said that his son is undergoing training under the leadership of coach Hassan Qassab. He had the honor of participating in the weight of 15 kg, winning the first place, and raising the name of Palestine high. Determined to move towards success.

And about the reason for choosing this sport, his father said: We are the owners of a cause and we wanted it to be one of the ways to prepare for the return to our land, Palestine. Our enemy bets on the saying “the old ones die and the young ones forget.” We say no to forgetting our just cause, neither from the old nor from the young nor from the generations to come.


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