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Khalil Al-Quqa

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Male
  • Born in: 1948
  • Age: 74
  • Curriculum vitae :


Khalil Ibrahim al-Abed al-Quqa (Abu Eyas) is an Islamic preacher and educator, and a great leader in the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas). He is the second man in the movement after its founder Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, and the establishment of the Islamic movement in the Palestinian interior, and the establishment of the Islamic Society in Gaza, and he was credited with reviving the generation Islam in Gaza in particular and the West Bank after it was invaded by secular and communist thought in the sixties and seventies.


Birth and upbringing

He was born in mid-March 1948, in the village of Hamama, in the district of Al-Majdal, Ashkelon, within the Green Line, but he did not complete his first year in its arms. This is due to the displacement that the Palestinians were subjected to in the Palestinian Nakba in 1948 AD, which led to the displacement of his virtuous family from their quiet village to settle in the Shati refugee camp in Gaza. He was educated in UNRWA schools, and graduated from the Teachers Institute in Ramallah.


He grew up in a humble family, working in the fishing profession, after she was unjustly expelled from her homes and money, so she suffered the harshness of asylum, the bitterness of emigration, and the loneliness of being away from home and money, but her hope in God is great, so she sought help from him against the oppression of the oppressors and the plots of planners, so she was able to adapt to her circumstances. difficult for a better tomorrow.


his career

He became a teacher of Arabic at UNRWA after graduating from the Teachers Institute. He had a role in establishing the Northern Mosque and then the Islamic Society in Al-Shati camp with Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, as he was considered his right-hand man in the eighties, as well as one of those who had a prominent role in laying the foundations of the Islamic University and its establishment in Gaza and preserving its Islamic character after several attempts from many parties Her name changed. He served as the first president of the Islamic Society, which he founded to include young people under the banner of Islam, and had a role in graduating a generation of leaders who were influenced by him, including Ismail Haniyeh and Saeed Siam.


He was arrested several times by the Israeli forces, and Israel deported him to Lebanon on the eleventh of April, 1988, then he moved to Tunisia, then to Egypt, and finally to the United Arab Emirates.


study and work

Despite the difficult material life that befell his virtuous family, he paid great attention to science and learning. He studied primary, preparatory, and secondary schools in the schools of the Gaza Strip until he obtained a high school certificate from the Al-Azhar Institute in Gaza in 1966, and then obtained an Arabic language diploma from the Ramallah Teachers’ Institute in 1968. After that, he was appointed as a teacher of the Arabic language in UNRWA schools until his deportation in 1988 AD, then he obtained a BA in Arabic language from Beirut University in Lebanon in the year ... Finally, he completed all legal preparations to obtain a master’s degree from Al-Awzai University in Lebanon, but he was unable to do so; Because of the Lebanese security ban.


family life

He married Mrs. Nima Mahmoud Hussein al-Ghoul (sister of the former Palestinian Minister of Justice - Faraj Mahmoud al-Ghoul) in March 1973, with whom he had four sons and eight daughters.


The positions you held

Secretary-General of the Islamic Society of Gaza in 1976 until his removal in 1988.

Director of the Office of the World Assembly of Muslim Youth in Dubai in 1991 until 1994.

Member of the founding body of the Islamic University of Gaza in 1977.

Spokesman for the Islamic Movement (Hamas) in 1988 in the Kuwaiti Society magazine.

his death

He died on the twenty-sixth of October 2005 (23 Ramadan) in the United Arab Emirates; As a result of having blood poisoning at the age of 57, he spent it serving the just Palestinian cause and spreading the tolerant Islamic call.




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