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Salim Al Yaqoubi

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  • Страна местожительства: Palestine
  • Пол: Male
  • Born in: 1880
  • key_age: 142
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Abu Al-Iqbal Salim bin Hassan Al-Yaqoubi (1880 - 1941) (1297 - 1359 AH) was a Palestinian Muslim jurist, poet and writer. He was born in the town of Lydda, near Jaffa, and studied there, then joined Al-Azhar in Cairo and lived there for twelve years. He was appointed as a teacher at the Jaffa Mosque, then as a mufti in 1932. He was concerned with Hassan Palestine and chose him as a literary pseudonym. He held a number of religious jobs in Syria and Palestine in the fields of teaching, preaching, guidance, imam, rhetoric and fatwas, and had his students, and his massive attendance at the mosque. He died in Mecca during his Hajj. He has several books and a poetry collection entitled The Seven Looks.


his biography

Salim bin Hassan al-Yaqoubi was born in 1297 AH / 1880 AD in the city of Lydda and grew up there. His roots go back to the city of Majdal, and he was first educated by his father. He continued his first education there, then immigrated to Cairo and joined Al-Azhar, where he spent twelve years, where he received religious and Arabic sciences, and then returned to his homeland in 1904.


He taught and worked as a teacher of Sharia sciences and literature in Syria, then a teacher at the Jaffa mosque. He was appointed as a mufti in 1932, and held a number of government jobs in Palestine, the last of which was the imamate and sermon at the Hassan Bey Mosque in the Manshiyya neighborhood of Jaffa after returning from exile, where he had been exiled to Alexandria after the British Mandate for Palestine.


Salim al-Yaqoubi died while performing Hajj in 1359 AH / 1941 AD or it is said 1365 AH / 1946 AD, and was buried there.



He chose for himself the title of Hassan Palestine to sign his published poems. He would chant poetry, recite it in religious, national and social gatherings and events, and publish it in newspapers. He has two collections of good deeds Al-Baraa’ collected in his youth and the Seven Looks, which are a collection of thoughts, memories, and songs in Arabism, nationalism and patriotism, published in 1930. He mentioned in Al-Babtain’s Dictionary of him “in the fabric of his poems the remains of tradition and traces of followers, and the attempt to renew and listen to the poet himself. He wrote the national poem, and he interacted strongly with the events of his time: poetry, word and deed, and he tried to invent something. He repeated the word rhyme (leaders) in seventeen consecutive verses, as well as the systems of quatrains, and muwashahat, and he has the ability to prolong, and his poem - and its extension - in the lament of his daughter is the same. A psychological and artistic sign confirms his ability.”


His writings

The merits of Al-Baraa', a collection of poetry in his youth

The wisdom of Islam

The High Approach in Meanings and Al-Badi'

Hassan bin thabet

Saudi women

The Seven Looks, his poetry collection, 1930

Samir Shehada Al-Tamimi Salim Abu Al-Iqbal Al-Yaqoubi, 1880-1941, his life and poetry




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