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Abdulaziz Alkhayyat

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Prof. Dr. Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Izzat bin Sheikh Mustafa bin Haj Asaad Al-Khayat was born in the city of Nablus in 1924, and completed his primary and secondary schools where, then traveled to Egypt; to complete legitimate study, and there he met with Sheikh Hassan al-Banna, founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, in a newspaper interview with Dr. Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Khayat conducted by the magazine »center» of London and published in the issue dated 07/10/1995 of Dr. stated that his political career early began during his studies at Al-Azhar mosque in the early forties, where influenced by the ideas of the Muslim Brotherhood, was soon joined the group and became trusted leader-founder of the group, Sheikh Hassan al-Banna, who gave him when he graduated at Al-Azhar in 1947 in a book addressed to the Brothers of the Levant adoption of Sheikh Al-Khayat to assume the formation of cells and families of the Brotherhood in the Levant.

Filled Dr. Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Khayat ministerial post for the first time as Minister of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs in the amendment was in 10.11.1973 of the President Zeid Rifai government problem in 26/5/1973 m, then returned Vchgl the same post in President Zeid Rifai government problem in 8 / 2/1976 m, then the President Rifai government problem on 4/4/1985, and then in the government of Sharif Zaid Bin Shaker »Prince later» problem on 27/4/1989.
Dr. Khayat died in 11/21/2011 m.


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