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Sheikh Freih Abu Meddien

Sheikh Freih Abu Meddien

Sector : Religious Figures , Islam

Personal Info

  • Country of residence : Palestine
  • Gender : Male
  • Born in : 1871
  • Age : 144
  • Curriculum vitae :


Born in 1871; Sheikh of a tribe from Beersheba, Negev and Gaza area; took part in the Arab Revolt of 1916, was appointed as a member in the first Advisory Council by Herbert Samuel in October 1920. The Council consisted of eleven officials and ten non-officials (four Muslim, three Christian, and three Jewish); Sheikh Fraih was a member representing the south, and the others were; Ismail Husseini (Jerusalem), Dr. Habib Salim (Nablus, Christian), Michel Beiruti (Jaffa, Christian), Suleiman Nassif (Haifa, Christian) and Suleiman Abdel Razzak Tuqan (Nablus Muslim); Sheikh Freih was re-appointed to the second Advisory Council in May 1923, which had Eight Arab – Muslim, members: Ragheb Nashashibi, Aref Dajani, Ismail Husseini, Abdel Fattah Al-Saadi, Amin Abdul Hadi, Suleiman Abdel Razzak Tuqan, Mahmud Abu Khadra (mayor of Gaza). The two Christians were Suleiman Nassif and Anton Jalad (of Jaffa); In 1922 Sheikh Freih became mayor of Beersheva; In January 1929, he was nominated to a legislative Assembly established by the high commissioner sir John Chancellor. Other member were Musa Kazem Huseini, Ragheb Nashashibi, Aref Dajani (all of Jerusalem); Azem Said (mayor of Jaffa), Mahmoud Abu Khadra (mayor of Gaza), Suleiman Tuqan and Haj Shafi Abdul Hadi (both from Nablus), Mahmoud Al- Madi (Haifa), Tawfiq Fahum (Nazareth) and Yakoub Farraj & Moghannem Moghannem (both Christians); After the Nakba in 1948, he took refugee in Gaza. Died in 1955.


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