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Hasan Abu Alsaud

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Egypt
  • Gender: Male
  • Born in: 1896
  • Age: 119
  • Curriculum vitae :


Born in Jerusalem in 1896; studied at the American School in Jerusalem, and at Salahiyyah College, Jerusalem, which was founded by Jamal Pasha to turn out Arab youth who would contribute to the advancement of the Arab and Islamic Worlds after the WWI; continued his higher education at Al-Azhar University in Cairo; co-founder of the Rawdat Al-Ma’arif School in Jerusalem in 1916; the location of his house near Al-Buraq (Western Wall of Al-Aqsa Mosque) was among the reasons of his flaming the first spark of Al-Buraq revolution in 1929; he was also an orator; one of the prominent persons of the Palestinian Arab Party (established in 1935) advocating Arab unity and opposing the policies of the British Mandate; Mufti of Al-Shafi’yah Madhab (School of Islamic Jurisprudence) in Palestine; Shari’a Court Judge in Ramleh; controller of Shari’a Islamic courts; captured by Allies in 1945 in Berlin, where he had fled with Mufti Amin Al-Husseini at the end of WWII; managed to leave to Switzerland while the rest of the Palestinian leaders were taken into custody by the Americans; Vice-Chairman of the All-Palestine Government, established in 1948; died in Cairo in 1957.


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