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Sultana Daniel Francis Issa Ghattas

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Sultana Daniel Francis Issa Ghattas
The nun Marie Alphonsine (according to her name in the monastic order), whose family name is “Sultana Daniel Ghattas,” was born in the city of Jerusalem, on October 4, 1843 during the Ottoman era. She joined the monastic order on June 30, 1860 AD. According to the established custom, she was given The nun was given a new name, and she became known as “Sister Marie Alphonsine.” She made her initial vows in 1863. After taking her vows, she taught the Arabic language for two years in Jerusalem, during which she founded the “Fraternity of the Immaculate Conception” and the “Fraternity of Christian Mothers.”

I moved from Jerusalem to Bethlehem; While she was there, she wanted to establish her own monastic order, and the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem approved her request. She founded the “Sisters of the Holy Rosary” in 1883 AD, along with eight other girls. The monastic laws were approved in 1897 AD, and it grew rapidly; The number of its members increased; Then, in 1959, it became a pontifical order, meaning directly affiliated with the Holy See.

Mother Marie Alphonsine traveled to several regions, as part of the mission of teaching and counseling in Nazareth, Salt, and other places. Finally, in Ain Karem, where she died on March 25, 1927 during the British Mandate of Palestine.

She was declared a beatitude of the Catholic Church on November 22, 2009, after Pope Benedict XVI approved that she lived the "Christian virtues": love, faith, and hope. The beatification ceremony took place in Nazareth.

On May 17, 2015 AD, the two Palestinian nuns, Marie Alphonsine and Maryam Bawardi Haddad, were canonized by Pope Francis, in the religious mass held by the Vatican in St. Peter’s Square, in the presence of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Palestinian and international delegations.
President Mahmoud Abbas said in his speech about the canonization of the nuns Haddad and Ghattas: These two virtuous women, these saints, daughters of our people, are our support. A unique, strong, and loud voice tells us: The power of the spirit is also a power within us, and we must march with it to the state we seek, with Jerusalem as its capital.


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