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Abdullah bin Muhammad Al-Alami

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  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Male
  • Born in: 1936
  • Age: 87
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Abdullah bin Muhammad Al-Alami (1861 - July 26, 1936) was a Palestinian jurist, poet, interpreter, debater, and participant in some Islamic sciences. He was born in Gaza and studied there and at Al-Azhar . He was issued a teaching position in Gaza and Beirut, then he was appointed mayor of Gaza and inspector of its teachings. He immigrated to Syria in 1918 and was appointed a member of the First Syrian Congress , and taught lessons at the Umayyad Mosque . He is a Shafi'i scholar. He died in Damascus. Among his works are the interpretation of the problems of the Qur’an and the conference on the interpretation of Surat Yusuf .

His biography

He is Abdullah bin Muhammad bin Salah al-Din al-Alami, Al-Hasani by lineage, Al-Ghazi by birth, and Al-Dimashqi by residence and death.
He was born in the year 1278 AH/1861 AD in Gaza . He received his initial education there at the hands of the scholars of his time. Then he left for Egypt in 1880 and spent seven years at Al-Azhar , studying under its scholars. Then he returned to his hometown and worked as a teacher of interpretation there at the Grand Mosque. Then he left for Egypt for a year, after which he returned to his work in Gaza. He moved to teaching at Al- Sayyid Hashem Mosque , then he left the teaching profession and worked in trade. He traveled to Egypt and Beirut, where he was appointed as a teacher in the goldsmith’s office. He then returned to Gaza and was appointed as a conductor and inspector of schools. Gaza villages, then he held the position of collecting knowledge funds, then acting president of the municipal council, then he immigrated to Nablus and Damascus, and worked as a preacher at the Umayyad Mosque and a teacher for girls in 1918.

In the year 1336 AH/1918 AD, he immigrated with his family to Damascus. He was a member of the First Syrian Congress and gave lessons in interpretation and religious guidance at the Umayyad Mosque, until he died on Jumada al-Awwal 8, 1355/July 26, 1936 AD.


He has a book containing four verses, printed in Cairo in 1899. His poetry is closer to verses, and he frequently includes verses from the Qur’an. His four verses are:
The first is “The Marine Boat in the Science of Prosody” to explain the types of seas and their weights, the displacement, causes, and their names.
The second is “the Gazan Riyadh package in emptying the millennium and praising the best of humanity, the four caliphs, and the most exalted Imam Hussein,” where the first part was composed and the second part was in the chapter on grammar,
And the third, “Al-Kawthariya fi Praise of the Best of Nature,” was chosen by Bahr Al-Khabab.
The fourth is “Praise of the Old Man with the Symbolic Mug,” which is a poem composed to criticize the world in the manner of Sufism.

His writings

Interpretation of the problems of the Qur’an , manuscript.
Conference on the Interpretation of Surat Yusuf , two volumes, printed.
The Nordic story in the story of the birth is arranged in a dual manner
Insight on my home splint in the doctrine of Imam Al-Shafi’i
The brocade spread on the board called a sea boat in prosody
Freedom and the Council of Messengers are among the teachings of the Qur’an
Interpretation of the story of Joseph and an explanation of the Zionist natures
Series of Islamic-Christian debate between a sheikh and a priest



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