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Ahmed Arif Al-Husseini

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Male
  • Born in: 1873
  • Age: 150
  • Curriculum vitae :


Ahmed Arif bin Hanafi Al-Husseini was born in Gaza in 1873 and died in 1917.
He was appointed Mufti of Gaza until 1912, at which time he was chosen as a member of the Council of Ottoman Envoys in Istanbul, and he was one of the activists of the Arab National Movement.
His father was subjected to criticism by the Ottoman Empire authorities, which aroused their anger, so they deported him and his father to the state of Ankara in 1898.
During that period, Ahmed mastered the Turkish language, and when he was pardoned following his father’s death, he returned to Gaza in 1905 and was appointed, in addition to being a mufti, a preacher and a teacher at the Sayyed Hashem Mosque. Then he was appointed a member of the General Council in Jerusalem, and was elected a member of the Council of Envoys. He traveled to Istanbul in 1912, and was chosen by the “ Union and Progress ” Party to join its ranks.
Ahmed Al-Husseini was active in Istanbul, where he worked, like other members of the Council of Envoys for the Jerusalem Mutasarrifate, in combating Zionism and fighting its projects aimed at buying lands and settling in Palestine. He warned of the dangers and intentions of this movement that seeks to extend its influence, so he was harassed by the Ottoman authorities, and was issued. He received a ruling prohibiting him from leaving Istanbul.
He was able to leave Istanbul for Jerusalem, and there he became active in the ranks of those calling for independence from the Ottoman Empire. The Turkish authorities sentenced him and his son to death by hanging, which was carried out in Jerusalem in 1917.



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