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Hadeel Jabara

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The name of Palestine was raised high in the Dubai International Competition for Memorizing the Noble Qur’an, which took place on 11/24/2017, and 76 countries participated in it. New to a long list of creations.

The beginning of the story with the Qur'an

In her childhood, Hadeel resided in Panama, and since the age of two she accompanied her grandfather to go to the mosque there. The highest and the children chanting behind him, and when the sheikh asked the children to repeat what he had read, Hadeel was only able to recite the verses by heart.” Hadil’s mother, Badia’ Abdullah, told Quds News.

And she adds, "I started playing the Qur'an at home every day so that Hadeel could listen to it, while she was eating, while playing, and before sleeping... Then, when I saw her hesitating behind the reciter, I would sit with her and start memorizing. I would motivate her with a gift or a reward by going to a place she loves, and so she is encouraged to memorize." I was encouraging her to register in all competitions so that she would be surrounded by a preserving environment that would also motivate her. Praise be to God, Hadeel completed memorizing the Qur’an when she was 11 years old, and in the same year, she obtained a license from the Ministry of Awqaf.”

"Following up and caring for my mother is a major reason for memorizing the Qur'an. I began to memorize the Qur'an by listening, listening to the sheikh and repeating, then I completed memorizing the Qur'an and obtained a license from the Awqaf, and a sanction from Sheikh al-Maqdisi Iyad Mujahid, and a sanction from Sheikh Saeed al-Qalqily," Hadil says to " Quds News.

on the contest platform

The Ministry of Awqaf nominated the student Jabara to participate in the Dubai International Competition because she had obtained a high mark in the license exam since she was in the ninth grade. Sudan at the beginning of this year, and I did not get a rank. These posts helped me very much to consolidate my memory.”

And Hadeel added to Quds News, "This time in the Dubai competition, thank God, I got first place, and following Sheikh Saeed Al-Qalqily helped me in this, who kept giving me notes in terms of performance, intonation and revision, as he was a former arbitrator in international competitions."
 And about the most difficult moment in the competition, Hadeel says that it was when she got on the stage and started the recitation, because, according to what she says, she was afraid of making mistakes or hesitating during the recitation, but she performed perfectly without any correction or notes from the jury.

And about Hadeel’s victory, her mother says: “I expected Hadeel to win, but not in the first place, because there are seven or eight girls who were proficient in the competition, and when the result was issued I did not believe it. It is described, even that one of the members of the jury, who is Iraqi, told Hadeel after the competition that it was the participation that dazzled the followers and participants with its perfection.

Dr. has commented. Jamal Al-Kilani, Dean of the College of Sharia and Head of the Qur’an Forum affiliated to An-Najah University, praised Hadeel for winning the Dubai International Competition for Memorizing the Noble Qur’an, saying: “Palestine’s name rose to first place in a competition that includes 76 countries, and there is a presence at a high and sophisticated level, and there is an interrupted competition.” The counterpart in it, which means that winning is not an easy matter. This indicates that the Palestinian people have a religious culture and have a global presence at the level of religion. In addition, Hadeel’s victory gave the College of Sharia a community presence and that it has a wonderful quality of distinguished students who can represent Palestine and raise its name. Kadel and others.

 Hadeel's entry into the university milieu was a great motivator for her to stay in a Quranic environment. Her choice to major in Sharia at An-Najah University, and her participation as a supervisor in the Holy Qur'an Forum helped her convey the thing she had always wanted to convey to people, according to Hadeel to "Quds News", "During the school period, she did not I was able to convey my Qur’anic message to the students due to the nature of the school stage and the students’ participation in memorization lessons outside the mosque. The wonderful thing about the Holy Qur’an Forum is that it delivers the message to all students in the various colleges. Through the forum, we reached people who did not open the page of the Qur’an in their lives. Their relationship is more close.

Hadeel concludes, "I advise the students to take advantage of their time at the university and the presence of the forum, which provides you with a supervisor who dedicates his time to you to memorize and insist on you, the matter that does not exist outside the university."


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